About us

Our Company

We would like to give you a warm welcome to Montenegro Real Estate. Founded in 2004, our philosophy is simple – we want to help you find your dream home in Montenegro at the best possible prices.
When investing in Montenegro whether it is a small apartment or a large scale development, you must know that you are choosing the right partner.
This is what makes us different from the other agents in Montenegro. Our directors have lived and breathed Montenegro for many years, our families come from here and we have a dedicated office with partners that are well know architects to draftsmen, who all speak English to a high standard.
Our People
Mark Wilde - Sales Director

Mark founded Montenegro Real Estate in 2004 and has vast experience in construction and planning laws, Mark is from the UK but now lives in Montenegro.
Speaks English ( a little Montenegrin )

Kristofer Karanfilovski - Sales Director

Kris joined the Company as a partner Director in September 2014. Originally from Macedonia, Kris has lived in the UK for the past 25 years and will specialize in real estate, constructions and renovations. Kris has worked in the construction and the real estate industry in the UK for the last 20 years.
Speaks English, Montenegrin and Macedonian

Datsa Kaludjerovic-Wilde - Director Planning Consultant

Datsa is married to Mark and was born in Montenegro, Datsa worked in the UK for 20 years before coming home and setting up a Real Estate business with Mark. Datsa specializes in dealing with planning permission and all aspects of paperwork associated with renovation, reconstruction of ruins etc.
Speaks English, Montenegrin